Building the app - Android

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In order to build the app for Android, there are a couple of settings that need to be changed.

1. Firstly, go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player. Click the Android tab (that’s the little robot on the far right) and click on “Other Settings”. Where it says “Minimum API Level” click the drop down and change it to “Android 4.0.3 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ (API Level 15)". Any other setting can cause the build to fail.



2. Ensure your Bundle Identifier is correct and pairs with its associated API Key. If the Bundle Identifier is not correct, the app will fail to launch.


3. You can now build the app by going to File -> Build Setting and selecting Android. If you have an Android device already connected to the computer with a cable, you can click “Build and Run” and the app will automatically play on the device once it is done. If you click “Build” you will need use ADB manually in order to install the app onto the device.