Building the app - iOS

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In order to build the app for iOS, some settings in Unity and the exported XCode project need to be altered.

1. Firstly, go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player. Click the iPhone row (it has an image of an iPhone) and click on “Other Settings”. Ensure that your Bundle Identifier pairs with the corresponding API Key in the KudanTracker script found on the Kudan Camera. If it is not correct, the app will fail to start.




2. Build the app by going to File -> Build Settings, selecting iOS and clicking Build or Build and Run. Unity will compile and build the app and produce an XCode project in the selected project folder.



3. If you clicked Build, you will need to open the XCode project located within the project folder. If you clicked Build and Run, this should have happened automatically.


4. Within the XCode project, select the project in the tree view on the left hand side, then click “Build Settings”. Find the entry marked “Enable Bitcode” and set it to “No”. Also, make sure that the correct provisioning profile is selected or you have selected your wildcard provisioning profile. If everything has been set up, click the play button (CMD+R) in the upper left corner of the screen and the app should build and run. If you have a device plugged into your computer, the app will run on that device once the build has finished.