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This tutorial will show you how to setup an augmented reality project on iOS using KudanAR.


  • Step 3: Place the
    file into the project folder, then import it into the project.
  • Step 4: Import libc++.tbd or libc++.dylib library to the project.


  • Step 5: Disable Bitcode.


  • Step 6: Import the following file into your AppDelegate class
     #import <KudanAR/ARAPIKey.h> ;
  • Step 7: Find your bundle ID’s corresponding API key on the Development Licence Keys page and set it in your app delegate.
[[ARAPIKey sharedInstance] setAPIKey:@"Your key here"];
  • Step 8: Ensure the view controller you wish to display your AR content in is a subclass of ARCameraViewController.
  • Step 9: Implement the setupContent method in your ARCameraViewController.
  • Step 10: Place your AR content inside the - (void)setupContent method.