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You can download the latest version of the framework from https://www.kudan.eu/download/


Android SDK 1.5.1

25th April 2017

  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed issue with ARGyroManager world visibility (KUDAN3D-130)

Android SDK 1.5

13th March 2017

  • Extensive update to the documentation of the whole framework
  • ARModelNode's `getNode()` now returns an ARModelNode rather than ARNode (KUDAN3D-117)
  • ARModelNode's `reset()` now sets `isPlaying` to `false`, rather than the previous of `true` (KUDAN3D-117)
  • ARNode now has a constructor that only takes a String to use as the node's name.
  • Significantly reduced the amount of logs that are produced by KudanCV. You should be able to read what's in your `logcat` yet again!

Android SDK 1.4.2

5th January 2017

  • Added ARBillboardNode - you can now make your object always face you! (Make sure to set the forward direction and lock the axis you don't wish to update)
  • Improved the playback of alpha videos
  • Calling `getFullTransform()` on ARNode now ensures that the underlying world transforms are updated first

Android SDK 1.4.1

30th December 2016

  • Added the screenshot() function to ARView
  • Implemented the pause() method on ARVideoTexture. You can now pause your ARVideoNode and ARAlphaVideo nodes!

Android SDK 1.4

24th November 2016

In this release we decided to focus on adding some of the missing functionality that can be found in our iOS counterpart. More improvements are yet to come!

  • The library is now released as a .AAR file, to match the wider Android community
  • Extended Marker functionality has been added. To make your marker extendable simply set `setExtensible(true);` on your ARImageTrackable after it has been loaded
  • Added methods: findChildByName, addChildren, translateByVector, scaleByVector, rotateByRadians to ARNode.
  • Added method to return application context from ARActivity.
  • Added method for returning the Asset Manager to ARRender.
  • Added methods: getNumberOfIndicies, setVertexBuffer,getVertexDataStride to ARMeshNode.
  • Added methods: getSrcHeight and getSrcWidth to ARExtractedCameraTexture.
  • Added methods: init, initWithPackagedFile, initFromPath to ARVideoNode and ARAlphaVideoNode.
  • Other various stability fixes 🏥 😉

Altered how singletons are initialised, so that initialise doesn't need to be called when you first get an instance of your class. e.g. ArbiTrackerManager.getInstance().initialise() -> ArbiTrackerManager.getInstance().

New features:

New API License Keys are being introduced with this release. Please check https://wiki.kudan.eu/Development_License_Keys for new license keys to use whilst trialling the SDK.

Android SDK 1.3.1

16th September 2016

  • Added Marker Recovery Mode
  • Built with libpng v.1.5.27 so that Google Play likes us again
  • Really fixed loading Texture2D from path
  • Fixed an issue with content not loading properly after a scene has been setup (KUDAN3D-73)

Android SDK 1.3

5th August 2016

  • Improvements to marker detection speed
  • Removed some pesky bugs to make the framework even more stable
  • Fixed loading Texture2D from path

Android SDK 1.2.4

23rd June 2016

  • Added ARCameraStreamListener interface to receive camera frame data after processing.
  • ARGyroPlaceManager floor height is now settable.
  • Added fade in time to ARVideoTextureMaterial.
  • Fixed tracking lag in all trackers. Tracking should now be more responsive.
  • Added ARPointNode, a class that renders updatable sprites on screen.

Android SDK 1.2.3

27th May 2016

  • Marker recovery mode
  • Fixed crash when attempting to access camera without permission being granted
  • ARModelNode can now return a list of mesh nodes
  • Stability and performance improvements

Android SDK 1.2.2

7th April 2016

  • Fixed crash when registering invalid markers.
  • Improved detection performance in dark environments.
  • Fixed issue where ARImageTrackables created at runtime did not set the trackable name.

Android SDK 1.2.1

5th April 2016

  • Fixed a crash caused when leaving an ARActivity and ARBITrack wasn't initialised

Android SDK 1.2

24th March 2016

  • Various rendering fixes
  • Improvements to tracking robustness and performance
  • Added multi-marker tracking