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You can download the latest version of the framework from https://www.kudan.eu/download/


iOS SDK 1.5.4

22nd May 2017

  • Minor bug fixes

iOS SDK 1.5.2 & 1.5.3

10th May 2017

Bug Fixes

  • OpenGL memory leak fix (KUDAN3D-129)

New features

  • Updated documentation

iOS SDK 1.5 & 1.5.1

13th March 2017

Bug Fixes

  • Extensive update to the documentation of the whole framework.
  • Added isEqual: methods to ARVector3, ARMatrix4 and ARQuaternion (KUDAN3D-120).
  • Added a deinitialise for ARGyroPlaceManager
  • ARGyroPlaceManager should now correctly infer the centre of the screen on iPhones and no longer be off centre horizontally (KUDAN3D-40)
  • ARGPSManager and ARGPSNode have been removed from the framework and shared as open source classes on GitHub

New features

  • Added ARCMMotionManager singleton. It is a wrapper that returns a CMMotionManager instance that should be used if a user wants access to the gyro within the app. This is to adhere to Apple's recommendation of only having a single CMMotionManager object per app. ARGyroManager has been updated to reflect this change.

iOS SDK 1.4

18 November 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Adding a detectable but untrackable image no longer causes a crash
  • Arbitrack no longer crashes when it can't recover a pose (on near-featureless scenes)

New features

New API License Keys are being introduced with this release. Please check https://wiki.kudan.eu/Development_License_Keys for new license keys to use whilst trialling the SDK.

iOS SDK 1.3.1

16 September 2016

  • Made sure the camera texture is reset if the camera stream is changed (IP-145)
  • Improved the interpolation of a video going fullscreen (KUDAN3D-72)
  • ARGyroManager no longer resets itself when initialise is re-called on it
  • On ARCameraViewController viewDidDisappear: , ARArbiTrackManager is stopped and other camera resources are now released
  • Added a callback for ARCameraStream delegates to get the colour data of camera frames
  • Added a method to ARCameraStream to calculate the average colour value of a frame

iOS SDK 1.3

5th August 2016

  • Improvements to marker detection speed
  • Removed some pesky bugs to make the framework even more stable

iOS SDK 1.2.3

24th June 2016

  • Fixed ARAnimatedTexture not rendering properly.
  • Fixed ARVideoTexture not properly deallocating.
  • ARGyroPlaceManager floor depth is now settable.

iOS SDK 1.2.2

27th May 2016

  • Marker recovery mode
  • ARTextureMaterial now supports texture blending
  • Stability and performance improvements

iOS SDK 1.2.1

7th April 2016

  • Fixed crash when registering invalid markers.
  • Improved detection performance in dark environments.

iOS SDK 1.2

31th March 2016

  • Various rendering fixes
  • Improvements to tracking robustness and performance
  • Added multi-marker tracking
  • Introduced new materials system

Special note : Migrating to KudanAR iOS 1.2