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How much does the AR SDK cost?

You can develop with the KudanAR SDKs, KudanCV and the Unity plugin for free. In order to publish an app to the Apple or Android app stores, a license will be required, so that you can use Kudan's framework with a unique Bundle ID. More information on pricing can be found on our pricing page.

Do I have to pay to build my own app?

The SDKs, CV and the Unity plugin will always be free to download and use. Purchase of a license is only required when you want to publish your app to the App / Play Store or otherwise distribute your app to the general public.

What happens when I buy a license?

After purchasing a license and providing a Bundle Identifier, you will be sent a unique API Key to use in your apps. This will allow you to publish an app to the App / Play Store using your own unique Bundle ID.

Can I use the same license for iOS and Android?

Each license is unique to a Bundle Identifier, so as long as they are using the same Bundle ID, you can use one license for both platforms.

Can I use the same license for more than one app?

No, each license is only for 1 Bundle ID. If you want to purchase licenses for several apps in bulk, you can opt for the volume license. This allows you to buy multiple licenses at a discounted price.

Is GBP the only currency available?

For now, the only currency we accept is Great British Pound Sterling.

What will happen in a year's time when my License has expired? Will the apps still work after that?

Any AR scenes in your app will cease to function, but the rest of your app will be unaffected. It is possible to renew your license without having to re-upload your app to the App / Play Store.

Is VAT included in the price?

No, VAT is on top of the flat fee.