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Which versions of Unity do you support?

As of the latest Unity release, any version of Unity past 5.2 is fully supported.

What platforms do you support through Unity?

You can build for either iOS or Android platforms. You can also use play mode in the editor to test out any marker tracking via webcam.

How do I get an Editor key?

If you have not already, you will have to register an account with us here. Once you're logged in, you can generate 1 free editor license key. This will allow you to test your app in the editor using a webcam.

Do you have any tutorials or guides on how to set up and use the plugin?

We have several tutorials available on this very wiki.

Which features are in the plugin?

The Unity plugin offers both Marker and Arbitrary Tracking, the same as the native SDKs, as well as events for the detection, tracking and loss of markers. Any and all rendering features are handled by Unity.

Do you have any Unity samples made with the plugin?

Samples made with the Unity plugin can be found on our demo page.

I'm having a problem with the plugin!

A list of common problems associated with the plugin and their solutions can be found here. If the issue you are experiencing is not answered there, you can get in contact with us through our support page.