Setting up Play Mode

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In order to test the app in the Unity Editor, a couple of things needs to be set up first.

1. An Editor API Key is needed. The box for this is found in the Kudan Camera object, just above the regular API Key for iOS and Android. To get one, click the button labelled Get Editor API Key at the bottom of the Kudan Tracker script. This will take you to the Kudan website. You will need to register for an account with Kudan to get a free editor key. Once you have set up your account, or if you already have one, you can get get a Unity Editor Play Mode Key. Copy the key and paste it into the Editor API Key box.


2. There is a setting labelled Play Mode Webcam ID. This is the camera that will be used when the app starts. Usually, when a USB webcam is plugged in, the computer sets it to have an ID of 0, as it generally prioritises something plugged in over something built in. If you were to plug in a USB camera and use that, then leaving the Webcam ID at "Zero" is fine. However, if you wish to use the built-in camera, or have multiple USB cameras and wish to use a specific one, you will need to check through the different IDs.