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The project does not build for Android

The minimum API Level for Android needs to be set to 15. This can be found in the player settings of your Unity project.

The app starts, but won't detect any markers and ArbiTrack (Markerless Tracking) does not work, the target just sits in the middle of the screen.

This is a common error caused by an incorrect API Key. Check the API Key on the Kudan Camera and the Bundle ID of the project and make sure both are correct.

I have created and added my own custom marker, but it is not being detected

This can be because the tracker has deemed the image(s) within the marker asset to be of too poor quality to track properly. As a result, it will not load the marker asset to prevent potential complications later on. For more information on how to know what is or is not a good quality marker, please see our guide to "What Makes a Good Marker?".

It says the marker has been detected, but there is no model on it

This can be one of two things:

  1. The Marker Transform Driver's Expected ID is incorrect or empty, so the tracker does not activate the object. Ensure the expected ID matches that of the ID of the marker, given in the KudanAR Toolkit when it was converted.
    Note: The default marker's ID is "Lego"
  2. The model may actually be on the marker, but it is very small. Increase the scale until you are happy with its size.

Gotchas in the Editor

I'm getting a DLL Not Found Exception

You will see this error if you are using the 32-bit version of the Unity Editor on Windows. Kudan's Unity plugin only supports the 64-bit version of the Unity Editor.

The screen is grey in Play Mode

This is caused by the Editor API Key being incorrect. If you do not have an API Key, click the Get Editor API Key button, register an account and get your free key.

The app isn't using the right camera

The Kudan Camera as a dropdown labelled Play Mode Webcam ID. If the camera you wish to use is not the one being displayed, check the next ID in the list.

Legacy Gotchas

These are problems that used to exist in older versions of the plugin. If you are using newer versions, these should not be an issue.

The app crashes on start

This is a common error caused by an incorrect API Key. Check the API Key on the Kudan Camera and the Bundle ID of the project and make sure both are correct.

The camera appears sideways or upside down

Device orientations other than landscape left are not supported in older versions of the plugin. We recommend upgrading to a newer version. If you require the old plugin for whatever reason, then go into the player settings and change the default orientation to Landscape Left.

The tracker is not running / The screen is black

In order to use Play Mode with older versions of the Kudan Plugin, the platform needs to be set to the PC, Mac and Linux Standalone player. You can switch the platform in Unity's build settings. This is no longer the case in newer versions and clicking Play whilst set to iOS or Android in the editor will work just fine.

The project does not build for iOS. It says there is a problem with GetDetectedTrackable

This is a problem that occurs when using a version of Kudan prior to 1.3 with Unity version 5.4+. In order to build for iOS on versions of Unity after 5.4, you need to use at least version 1.3 of the Kudan plugin.