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You can download the latest version of the framework from https://www.kudan.eu/download/


Unity Plugin 1.5

14th March 2017

  • Fixed tracking issue on Nexus 5X devices.

Unity Plugin 1.4.1

27th January 2017

  • Upgraded project to Unity 5.5.1
  • Fixed colour issue with the camera feed when building for iOS in Unity 5.5+
  • Updated sample scene to use valid development key.
  • The Unity documentation has been updated. Comments in the plugin are improved and updated API Docs can be found at https://wiki.kudan.eu/apidocs/UnityDocs/

Unity Plugin 1.4

29th December 2016

Unity Plugin 1.3

16th September 2016

  • Added Marker Recovery Mode to all of the supported platforms
  • Android library was built against the latest libpng to ensure Google Play continues to accept uploads
  • Fixes issue where downloading JPEG images from the web would not load them in an iOS project due to libjpeg
  • Fixed issue with Unity 5.4 exporting Xcode projects that would not compile
  • Fixed incorrect projection matrix when scene is loaded from another scene in portrait orientation

Unity Plugin 1.2.2

23rd June 2016

  • Fixed crashes in apps using multiple scenes on iOS.
  • Improved tracking lag in both Marker and Markerless based trackers.
  • Fixed camera not restoring on app refocus in Android.

Unity Plugin 1.2.1 - Stable

7th June 2016

  • Play Mode on OS X and Windows should now work regardless of the selected mobile platform
  • Added inline documentation

Unity Plugin 1.2 - Stable

2nd June 2016

  • Added orientation support for Portrait, PortraitUpsideDown and LandscapeRight on iOS and Android.
  • Added FloorDepth parameter in MarkerlessTracking to set Markerless floor depth.
  • Fixed inconsistency in Markerless floor depth in iOS and Android.

Unity Plugin 1.2 - Beta

3rd May 2016

  • Added the new Play Mode feature support which works with Markers
  • Added multi-marker tracking
  • Added awesome new samples & prefabs to play with
  • Improved tracking robustness and performance
  • Improved detection performance in dark environments

Unity Plugin 1.1.3

11th January 2016

  • Fixed issue where gyroscope would fail to initialise on certain Android devices, causing incorrect pose orientation.

Unity Plugin 1.1.2

6th January 2016

  • Fixed issue related to importing the Unity package on Windows

Unity Plugin 1.1.1

5th January 2016

  • Fixed intermittent issue on some iOS devices which caused the camera and FastSLAM tracking to lose synchronisation.
  • SLAM Release